March 18-20, 2019

Austin, TX


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19 March 2019 | 5.30pm - 7.30pm

What are the LEAP HR: Retail awards?

Included in your conference registration fee is access to the industry’s first annual
Retail HR Awards.

At the end of the day on Tuesday March 19, the retail HR community will celebrate the people, the teams and the companies making the most radical leaps and doing most to
transform HR in retail.

By taking part, you’re guaranteed to leave inspired by the stories of retail HR innovation that are happening across the industry today.

What are the categories?

This award recognizes the CHROs who are doing most to encourage new thinking, inspire their people and change their organizations for the better in a rapidly changing retail industry.

Judges will look for:

  • Evidence of challenging traditional thinking inside the organization
  • Details of the tangible impact the nominee has had on the retail brand
  • Testimonials from inside or outside HR on how the nominee has added value to the business

This award recognizes the teams who are having the biggest impact, collaborating most effectively and working together to change perceptions of themselves and HR.

Judges will look for:

  • Evidence of how the team has demonstrated its strategic status in the organization
  • Details of the impact the team has had on its brand achieving its’ business goals
  • Testimonials from outside HR which demonstrate the team’s impact on the wider business

This award recognizes the most courageous, creative and cutting-edge HR initiatives that have been introduced to solve pressing business challenges in retail today

Judges will look for:

  • An innovative change or transformation that has taken place
  • The role of HR in making that change happen, and communicating that change
  • Evidence of success in how it has improved the organization as a whole

This award recognizes the next generation of up and coming talent making a difference at all levels of their HR organization inside a dynamic retail brand

Judges will look for:

  • A narrative of what has been achieved in what timeframe
  • Evidence of the impact the nominee has had on the wider organization
  • A testimonial from HR or the business on how the nominee has added value to the business

This award recognizes the solution providers who are doing most to help rapidly changing retail brands solve their most pressing people challenges

Judges will look for:

  • A narrative to explain the business problem that existed which required an external solution
  • Evidence to demonstrate the impact the solution has had on the business
  • A testimonial from a retail HR leader explaining why the solution provider has added value

This award recognizes the most inspiring, energizing and remarkable workplaces in the retail industry

Judges will look for:

  • A narrative to explain why your workplace is different to others in the retail industry
  • Evidence of how that translates into a differentiated customer experience
  • Feedback from employees to explain why they believe yours is the best place to work

Who are the judges?

fJulie Weber, Chief People Officer, Southwest Airlines

Hollie Delaney, Chief Human Resources Officer, Zappos

Michael Lopez, Head of Human Resources, Athleta

Simon Lowes, US Chief Human Resources Officer, Ikea

Kelly Rew Porter, Senior Vice President People, Equinox Fitness

Mark Levy, Head of Employee Experience, Allbirds

Bob Ravener, Chief People Officer, Dollar General

Michelle Markus, Chief People Officer, MudBay

Evan Armstrong, Vice President Government Affairs, RILA

Nancy Adams, Chief People Officer, Turn5

Lee Meiner, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Fast Retailing

Kee Men Yao, Head of Global Talent Development, Amway


How can I nominate?

You can nominate yourself, your team, your business, your partners, or your peers.

All you have to do is click on one of the boxes above and tell us – in 50 words or less – who you are nominating and why (as a guide, this should take 10 minutes)

Shortlisted candidates will then be contacted and asked to develop– with the support of the LEAP HR team – a 250 word full nomination for consideration by the judges (as a guide, this should take 30 minutes)

Are there any costs?

There are no hidden costs attached to submitting a nomination and every attendee to LEAP HR: Retail gets to attend the Retail HR Awards at no extra cost.

How can I ask any questions?

Contact us at today and we’ll be happy to field any questions not answered here.