March 18-20, 2019

Austin, TX

2018 Deep Dive

What is a Deep Dive?

This deep dive breakfast session will provide an opportunity for you to join an intimate and highly-interactive group of senior retail people leaders to dig deep into the very latest strategies helping agile retailers adapt to change and rethink how we do HR in this people-centric industry.

New HR Thinking for a New Retail Workforce

Thursday March 1, 2018  7.30-9.00

Before the second conference day begins, this interactive deep dive session will allow you to spend time engaging – in a smaller group – with a pair of presenters. This is your opportunity to plug into the very latest thinking into how retail people leaders are reimagining traditional HR processes to meet the evolving needs of a changing retail workforce.

Breakfast Deep Dive – This session is separately bookable

07.15 Deep Dive Registration & Breakfast
07.30 DiscoverHow Shifting to Stable Scheduling Has Transformed Employee Performance, Customer Sales, and Boosted Profits Distinguished Professor Joan C. Williams, Director of the Center for Work Life Law, University of California, Hastings
  • An update on the findings of a randomized controlled experiment that challenges traditional thinking around the connection between scheduling for hourly workers, and increased retail sales
  • Piloting alternative practices to promote stable scheduling for hourly workers using evidence-based practices that are good for employee life-work balance and for business
  • Disproving the common assumption that schedule instability stems chiefly from fluctuations in customer demand, and understanding why stable schedules are popular amongst a field retail workforce
07.50 DiscoverRe-imagining Traditional HR Processes to Meet the Needs of a New Retail Workforce in Today’s On-Demand Society Chrissie Leibman, Senior Director, Enterprise Field Learning & Development, Gap Inc. 
  • How do we incorporate an omni-channel approach into our evolving people initiatives?
  • How to embed flexibility and responsiveness into your work in a retail landscape in constant flux
  • Leveraging your unique differentiators in a fiercely competitive talent industry
08.10 Debate: What’s Stopping Us Applying New Thinking to the Way We Work in Retail Today? Distinguished Professor Joan C. Williams, Director of the Center for Work Life Law, University of California, Hastings
Chrissie Leibman, Senior Director, Enterprise Field Learning & Development, Gap Inc.
08.30 Action: Overcoming Barriers to Incorporating More Flexibility and Responsiveness into Our Work Interactive Peer-Led Discussion Facilitated by the Chair
08.50 Conference Registration & Networking
Conference Day Two starts at 9.15, after the end of this Deep Dive