February 3-5, 2020

Austin, TX

Part of the LEAP HR Series

Day One
Tuesday February 7, 2017

Day Two
Wednesday February 8, 2017

Registration & Networking

Introduction from the LEAP HR Team

Chairman’s Welcome, Opening Remarks, & Connection Before Content

How Self-organization and Self-management Can Transform Your Majority-millennial, Customer-facing Organization into a World-class Retailer of Choice


  • How do we provide a more purpose-driven environment where people feel comfortable breaking out of the traditional hierarchy and learning a new way to work?
  • What needs to change to help our front line employees become aware of how to – and feel trusted that they have the support to – move their career and the company forward
  • How adopting a holocracy approach opens up new approaches to compensation benefits structures which align with a self organized working environment

Discover: From Digital to Physical: How Warby Parker Is Disrupting the Industry and What You Can Learn from a Digital Native about Next-generation Retail


• Balancing the multiple implications of hiring, engaging, leading and retaining digital, technological, fashion and retail workforces inside the same organization

• Lessons learned from building a roadmap for building and scaling a retail business on a digital foundation, ensuring the retail culture feeds back to a digital DNA

• What all retailers can learn from how Warby Parker retains a start-up culture whilst the business grows at pace towards being a majority brick and mortar business

Discover: How Technology is Fueling the Next Evolution in Retail Service Excellence


  • How the industry’s best performing retailers are leveraging technology to enable employee engagement
  • Steps you can take to rethink the correlation between employee engagement, customer service and the customer experience
  • Re-imagining the impact of service excellence on growth, profitability and ROI to drive profitability through employee engagement and service excellence

Debate: What Lessons Can People Leaders Learn from the HR Outliers Disrupting the Status Quo?


Question the panellists and the wider group on their vision for the future and build a clear idea of how you need to adapt your people strategy now to be prepared.

Action: How Do We Overcome the Barriers to Futureproofing Our People Strategies Against the Disruption That Lies Ahead?


This interactive group discussion will focus on ensuring your people strategy is future-proofed. What’s been tried? What’s working? How do you make it happen in your retail business?

Speed Networking & Refreshments


Speed Networking offers a unique chance to build your own personal support network in one fast-paced interactive session. In the space of two minutes you will exchange cards with a table full of peers and identify who you want to connect with later in the conference, before a bell rings and you get the chance to do the same again, and again and again until you’ve met everyone in the room.

Discover: How Rethinking Your People Strategy Can Transform Your Workforce Flexibility


• Moving from a fixed to a flexible employment model to allow rapid scale up and down to meet changing patterns of customer demand

• Lessons learned from Rent-A-Center’s company transformation around how to avoid disrupting either your revenue or your customer experience

• A data-driven, evidence-based approach to overcome the resistance to change which lies ahead when implementing a transformation like this

Discover: How Challenging Traditional Retail People Practices at Patagonia Has Transformed Culture, Engagement and Turnover


• A new way of thinking about engaging retail populations on a real time basis to democratize performance

• How the introduction of family-affirming policies reduces turnover costs, increased productivity and transformed engagement

• Moving towards measuring morale in real time to help you predict when key talent is planning to quit and act accordingly to prevent it

Discover: Driving Retail Business Growth through Agile Performance Management


  • Step inside the fastest-paced retail environments to find out how performance management is evolving to account for shifting strategies, goals and projects
  • Find out how a modern approach to performance management can empower employees and managers with tools for success while giving HR leaders and executives unprecedented insights into organizational health
  • Discover how to blend new methods into a cohesive new performance management program that involves agile goal setting, frequent check-ins, crowdsourced feedback, and purpose driven recognitions and rewards

Debate: How Do We Get More Innovative in the Way We Engage, Communicate with, and Organize Our Distributed Workforces?


Working with the whole group, this session allows you map out what the future needs to look like for your company and what you need to start doing today to prepare for it.

Action: How Do We Most Effectively Boost Organizational and Talent Agility Within Complex Retail Systems?


Everyone talks about agility, but few know what it is or how to achieve it. Work with your peers to develop a roadmap to develop an agile people strategy to accelerate change in your organization.

Networking Lunch

Discover: What Needs to Change about How We Equip Our Associates to Allow Them to Thrive in a Changing Retail Landscape?


• Rethinking the associate experience to make it easier for our people to do the things customers expect now and in the future, rather than the things we’ve traditionally valued

• How do we retain the authenticity of the brand and the personal touch required to deliver a remarkable consumer experience with the need to replicate across thousands of stores

• Removing the friction points between the environment, the consumer and the employee to position you as more than a store, to amplify your brand and connect your customer to your mission

Discover: Rethinking Rewards in Retail to Incentivize Legendary Performance and Stay One Step Ahead of The Competition


• What innovative options are available to respond to wage pressures and the need for creative compensation strategies?

• How to ensure your rewards program is working to drive the behavior, engagement attraction and retention you need

• Radically rethinking pay for performance to change how teams operate, and focus on how to provide a legendary customer experience

Discover: Embracing Real-Time Feedback in Retail: Using Technology to Transform Engagement and Performance


  • How do we need to change traditional methods of engaging and developing talent to recognize that the nature of work has changed
  • What solutions are companies using to help them keep pace with their business and drive growth and connection in an always-on, highly collaborative, constantly changing world?
  • Shifting away from annual survey and performance processes to a more nimble and predictive approach is already helping organizations improve engagement and accelerate performance

Debate: Rethinking Trust to Transform Your Majoritymillennial, Customer Facing Organization into a World Class Retailer of Choice


How do we expect the nature of our relationship with our people to change in a future retail industry? This session will allow you to quiz the speakers on their vision for the future.

Action: Overcoming the Barriers to Achieving Next-generation Retail Talent Management in Your Organization


This interactive session allows you to join a group discussion into the future associate experience, before we turn our attention as a group to how we can make it a reality today.

Networking & Refreshments

Discover: A New Approach to Building Agile Leadership Talent in a Competitive Retail Environment


• A non-traditional approach to challenging retail leaders of the future to be agile leaders

• Developing an agile leadership and organizational culture able to anticipate, adapt and act in a rapidly changing and dynamic retail environment to ensure long term organizational success

• Leveraging legacy leaders with experience while engaging newcomers with new ideas to avoid a culture clash between the two, and get the best out of both

Discover: Breaking the Rules of Succession Planning to Develop Leaders in High Turnover Environments


• Achieving rapid-fire succession planning by transforming it from a complex annual activity to a streamlined monthly activity

• Challenging traditional assumptions around succession planning to deal with the whole employee population, not just the senior level

• How bench planning is the driving force behind training and development and how you can replicate the results Valvoline has achieved

Discover: Modernizing Your Learning Ecosystem to Develop the Retail Leaders and Talent of Tomorrow


  • Engage employees in continuous learning experiences to reinforce key behaviors and enhance decision-making skills
  • Provide employees with immediate access to valuable resources and crowdsourced best practices
  • Enable improved coaching with actionable data that can help leaders drive ongoing employee performance improvement

Debate: How Can Rethinking Front-line Leadership Development Deliver Radical Results in Transforming Our Organizations?


Quiz the speakers to uncover more detail behind the high level presentations you have just heard to allow you to walk away with actionable ideas you can apply immediately.

Action: Overcoming the Barriers to Accelerating Leadership Development in a Remote, Majority millennial Workforce


Explore in groups of peers how you can overcome the biggest barriers to leadership development success, and develop a blueprint for you to apply in your own business.

Chairman’s Recap, End of Day One & Closing Pecha Kucha Session


A lively Pecha Kucha session provides the perfect transition between the content addressed during the conference and the connections you will make during an informal networking drinks which will be hosted immediately after the conference day ends.