March 18-20, 2019

Austin, TX


LEAP HR: Retail is a rare opportunity for people leaders from both digital-native and established retailers to find out how to reshape their people strategy to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving omni-channel world. Discover how to adapt to change and manage the transformation of your business, and determine what the retail workforce of tomorrow really looks like.

Those who attended the 2018 event left able to:

icon6 Transform yourself into a truly agile, talent focused organization: Find out how Macy’s is transforming HR to support the company’s digital footprint expansion icon1 Take a non-traditional approach to building the retail leaders of the future: Find out how Walmart is challenging the way leadership programs have traditionally been done
icon3 Build agile leadership talent in a competitive retail environment: Hear how Amway is developing leaders able to anticipate and adapt to a rapidly changing retail environment icon7 Re-imagine what success looks like for a future retail field workforce: Staples reveals how it is determining which success factors are critical for each individual position
icon2 Establish a growth mind-set dedicated to seeding, experimenting and scaling new ideas: Lift the lid on how Athleta – Gap Inc. is challenging traditional thinking to unlock its limitless potential icon8 Reposition your brand for future growth: Learn how L.L. Bean is re-imagining how it stays true to its values while the business undergoes a period of transformation
icon4 Rethink how you engage and retain new talent: The Home Depot reveals how it transformed employee engagement, customer service, and business results icon9 Ensure your stores remain a destination for your customer: Discover the secrets of how Dollar General is transforming its employee engagement strategy to radically improve customer experience
icon5 Build a more robust culture to keep up with business transformation: Discover the unique approach Warby Parker is taking to scaling its retail business on a digital foundation whilst retaining its start-up culture icon10 Train a digital workforce to provide a world class retail experience: reveals how it is translating the human side of retail to its online channels


How it works

We believe the traditional conference format is not fit for purpose, so we’ve ripped it up and started from scratch. Looking over the agenda, you will have noticed three main types of session:

how it works

There is no retail-specific HR forum quite like this, and it is really exciting to see such a relevant and cutting-edge agenda at LEAP HR: Retail. I was grateful to participate, found it very focused, and with a great structure.”

Eric Severson, most recently Co-CHRO, Gap Inc.


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